Scalper Account

Scalping is a famous strategy that allows making a profit within the Forex market. With this strategy, Scalpers make a transaction in minutes or seconds before closing and opening times to make small profits without instability and ambiguity of the market.

We recognize that a lot of companies think that scalpers are undesirable client profiles to work with. One of our benefits is favoring that kind of exchange and offering a hassle-free trade.

Your trades are delivered to a pool with various LP’s, that way each trade you make will be from different companies. In different words, when you open the position we show it from company A and when you close that position the system shows it as if it is from company B. In conclusion, these exchanges cannot be taken note from LPs as scalp exchanges.

In the long run, you'll be able to open a Scalper Account at Venn Markets and live the benefits of contributing through a company that is consistently on your side.