Account Transfer

For the investors, the Forex market’s framework has various adaptable proposals. That’s why each investor is in the search of a company with the highest leverage levels and the lowest spreads. Accordingly, we work in order to present the optimal circumstances as Venn Markets.

As Venn Markets, we also provide the opportunity to transfer your account from other companies including your open positions, profit or loss. All you are required to do is to state your balance, open positions and the costs of these positions.

Following the transmission of your screenshots to your Account Representative within Venn Markets, your account will be ready to be opened and trades can be logged into the system. After funding your account, your equity level will be used as a foundation and the account will be funded right away. In order to keep all your open positions in Venn Markets likewise with the market, we add your extra warrant or remove the deficient warrant that you have provided for your balance.